Review: Stepcraft build

Setting up the HomeShop

Since we moved to a new house a year ago I finally got enough space to set up a proper HomeShop and started so by building separate areas:

  • Workbench (sawing, grinding, boring, drilling)
  • Worktable (projects & parts)
  • Electronics Work Area (soldering and measurements)
  • Space for machinery (not yet existing)

The last one is intended to be used to place machines like a milling machine or a lathe.

Why I bought a CNC Router

When deciding what equipment, you need in your shop you should always Continue reading “Review: Stepcraft build”

Just Make It

Welcome to “Just Make” it

After some minor approaches to web design and publishing of diverse topics, I finally decided to “just make” it. Thus, I created this blog which will be focusing on hobbyist projects.

My intention is to post short stories of stand-alone projects as well as series on long term projects. In addition, I would love to produce some YouTube videos from time to time.

Let’s see how far I will get with this blog…