Clock Making Series: Cycloidal Gears

Now that I had machined some of the basic parts of a movement, I started to machine gears in order to be able to build my first working movement. The books I used to get a better understanding of gears in watches and clocks and how to draw/design them were:

Leitfaden für die Uhrmacherlehre

Die Uhr und ihre Funktion

The design using a CAD Program like Fusion 360 is not too difficult. On the other hand, I found a helpful and easy to use an offline tool from this source. In addition, there is quite helpful cycloidal gear calculator on this site. So, if you do not want to design everything yourself, you might use these tools.

This time I tried to make a video documentation of this build which I posted on my YouTube channel (this is also my YouTube premiere). Some impressions of this build are depicted below:

Milling of a cycloidal gear (or making brass grain)

after cleaning up

the result (bonded to an aluminium block)

Gear removed from the block

The first 3 gears I made…

Note: The inaccuracy in the gear cutout areas was a result of a screw on the y-axis drive that got loose over time. Unluckily it ended in a non-synchronous drive of the two y-axis spindles which in the end damaged one of my GT2.5 pulleys and the drive belt. I discovered that this was the only screw where I forgot to use the locking adhesive.