Clock Making Series: Introduction

I have fallen in love with watches more than a decade ago when I have been working in China. You found fascinating watches on the markets everywhere and after some months I discovered a saleswoman which knew what she sold and had good prices. In opposition to the Bejing markets she also had Chinese brands with quality movements. These watches are still working fine and have a retardation of only a few seconds a day.

Two things came together in time when it comes to Clock Making. The YouTube series of ClickSpring was the inspiration to make a clock myself. And without the same passion for hand filing as Chris, I decided to machine on my CNC and only file the deviations or just a few hundred (I’m living in the part of the world that uses SI units).

I started machining some parts in PMMA then 6082 / 7075 aluminum and finally in MS58 brass.  I am still in the phase of learning, especially in setting the correct parameters to have accurate results and in best case also a good surface finish. Some of my earlier results are depicted below:

Escapement Wheel (PMMA, 2mm, in water)

Balance Wheel (Alu, 6082, 4mm)

BalancE Wheel assembled with M2.5 balance screws

Escape Wheel (Brass, MS58, 2mm)