Model Building Series: SU-27 (part 2)

In part 1 I painted the cockpit and started with the base painting of the plane. In this part I created the camouflage pattern of the plane.

The idea was to crate a camouflage pattern similar to the one used by the ukrain air forces as can be found on google or the link below.

SU-27 with digital camouflage

This pattern is not really easy to do with conventional airbrush stencils, therefore I created my own pattern using microsoft powerpoint, see below:

Digital camouflage pattern test printout

After trying some different patterns on the screen I started to test how well it appears when printed. The results looked quite promising, therefore I started cutting them with a Scalpel.

DIY stencils for digital camouflage pattern

The final step was to do a first airbrush test with these self-made stencils on something in my home-shop. I used some wood for this purpose, which was not the best to do, but gave an impression on how this pattern could look like. For the scheme i used 3 base colours of vallejo, 71.050 light gray (Link), 71.317 light blue (Link) and 71.266 dark blue (Link).

The resulting pattern as seen above was exactly what I had in mind even dough this pattern is not as graceful as the original pattern. In order to get started, I applied the base “light grey” first. The jet engines and some other features were left without this layer or with only a very thin layer, see below.

SU-27 with base color “light grey

I did not intend to “watch paint get dry” therefore I cut out a new set of stencils which I created after my first attempt, see below.

With this set i applied “light blue” first and then “dark blue” as final layer. I have to say that I loved the results of this airbrush session. The pictures below show the top side of the jet with the darker sea pattern.

Digital camouflage pattern of the SU-27
Top view of the digital camouflage pattern of the SU-27

I let the top side dry for more than 24 hours before I finished the pattern on the bottom of the plane. This pattern is intended to be lighter as it reflects the plane as seen from the sea in the direction of the sky.

Bottom view of the SU-27 with digital camouflage pattern

In the upcomming part I will focus on painting the engines of the plane, which took me quite some time to figure out how to get the unique SU-27 look.

Engines masked for the paintjob in part 3